Sunday, July 24, 2011

Work History 2010: SPIDERtel SEO

Around 2004, PlattForm Advertising figured they had better learn the real deal about optimizing their corporate and full-service client sites. There was much to be gained from providing SEO and PPC to private education corporations looking to boost profits and leads, while minimizing advertising costs. They hired a small, but talented firm from Overland Park, KS called SPIDERtel.

SPIDERtel had been on the ground with search engine optimization since the early years and they understood the importance of White Hat SEO. PlattForm got caught early on bending rules of search engine marketing which got them behind in the game, so they re-focused their business model by hiring the consulting firm and regained their profit margin by doing so.

By 2010, the assembly line structure of PlattForm's marketing initiatives had put a stale taste in my mouth and I wanted to add another skill set based around a more diverse client list. SEO was less creative, but it was something that made sense to learn. SPIDERtel made an offer and I took it. They were a small agency with some big clients and even bigger budgets. I dove in.

What I learned early on was that the fields of SEO and social media had a lot of talking heads which made for a loud noise floor. Everyone had advice, but it was tough to align yourself with people who were able to prove results. SPIDERtel was pretty good at getting results.

This was also my introduction to social media as an actual service package, rather than as something to annoy friends with after working hours. I learned that social media can be more about client and customer engagement than simply another medium to broadcast an agency's activity. I also learned that there are a lot of talented people in Kansas City that know how to make social media compelling and profitable.

In late 2010, mere months after I injected myself into SEO and PPC campaigns, SPIDERtel merged with an agency out of Knoxville that had big ideas and a lot of raw talent to move things into overdrive. They were called In10sity Interactive.

So to recap-
What I learned:
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Google AdSense
  • Local business listings
  • Link building
  • Social media
  • Client Service
  • Corporate merger logistics
  • Long hours