Sunday, July 3, 2016

Freelancing (and Freebies For Family)

One of the great perks of doing digital content creation is, it always seems like there's time for one more job. A three day weekend at the end of the month can mean an extra 15 billable hours from the comfort of my backyard patio in the shade.

Some of the work I've done in the past that I'm proud of are for local and even national companies. A short list:

You'll notice that last one. Tom Schiller shares a last name with me. This is what I'll label "The Family Freebie." My father is quite an accomplished artist who recently switched mediums. He went from a thirty year career as a working ceramicist, to being a struggling, unknown acrylic painter. He needed a simple website done quickly because he needed someplace to point gallery owners toward his work.

Tom Schiller is a painter from Kansas City who uses acrylics on canvas and sells artwork online.

Tom Schiller is, shall we say, "frugal" in his budgeting. But I wanted to make something for him that looked clean and professional, so why not Squarespace? I'm not a content management system snob. If it works, it works.

Five hours later, Tom Schiller Studios was online and I could afford a new pair of shoes. Win/Win.

If you're a fan of surrealism or cubism, I'd suggest you take a look at his work. He currently has a sizable collection of acrylic paintings for sale.